Welcome to District 27 / 28
" T.E.A.M. - Together Everyone Achieve More!"

Worshipful R. Girard Dixon, District Deputy Grand Master


Grand Master Edict #1

Grand Master Edict # 2

2015 Adoniram Day



District 27/28 is a newly combined District in the The Most Worshipful Union Grand Lodge of Florida.  After the passing of District Deputy Kary Green, then District 27 was left under the watchful care of it's Assistant District Deputy Grand Master Lonnie Dixon.

At the close of 143rd Grand Lodge Session, The Honorable Anthony T.Stafford, 33°, KYCH. Most Worshipful Grand Master, appointed District Deputy Lymus Dixon to serve as the new deputy along with his past charge as District Deputy of Distirct 28.

More recently, at the close of the 145th Grand Lodge Session the new Grand Master, The Honorable Walter Gulley, Jr., promoted ADDGM R. Girard Dixon to District Deputy Grand Master and appointed him to District 27/28.

District 27/28 serves Manatee, Sarasota and DeSoto Counties.